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The Affects Of Lighting

So you think you are finally ready to put your house on the market or maybe just looking to light up your home.

We all tend to overlook the importance of  lighting.

“What light does to a room is just as important as paint does to a room.”

– Paul Heim

Lighting affects the ambiance and mood of a room. When you step into a room, you get one chance to impress.

In the game of first impressions, having a poorly lit home is a disadvantage. If you look above at the before photos notice the darker rooms. The room feels smaller from the shadows casted in the corners and from the rooms features. The mood becomes darkened as the room is and feels uninviting.

Now take a look at the after’s. The illumination captured from the light becomes instantly more appealing to the eye. It changes the overall mood and appearance of the room. It opens up the room making it look more spacious. For sellers, this is a key detail you do NOT want to miss.

However, take into consideration the time of day and the placement of the lighting. No one wants blaring lights all the time and a high electricity bill.

In that case, base your lighting off the time of the day.

Open Up Your Windows

  • During the day, open your curtains and blinds. Let the natural light shine through! Make the ambiance of your home happy and inviting.

Change The Fixtures

  • Changing the fixtures can mean increasing the wattage in your lightbulbs or putting in a light switch that features a dimmer. The dimmer is good for at night, the orangey red color helps prepare you for bed.

Add Lamps

  • If you are not looking to invest a whole lot of money into lighting up a room, don’t fret. You can still add a lamp! Lamps are both decorative and useful resources of light.




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